10L/day small liquid nitrogen generator plant with 35liters dewar tank
10L/day small liquid nitrogen generator plant with 35liters dewar tank
10L/day small liquid nitrogen generator plant with 35liters dewar tank
10L/day small liquid nitrogen generator plant with 35liters dewar tank
US $30000
1 piece

Item specifics

Production rate
>10 Liters/day
Internal Dewar capacity
35 Liters
total power
1.5 kw
Cooling type
water cooled
Power supply
80x60x168cm (LxWxH)
270 kg
Noise level
<59 dBA@1meter
Nitrgen purity



LNS Series Intelligent Liquid nitrogen generator

Plug-and-play liquid nitrogen generators designed by SCALA. Integrated with oil-free air compressor, PSA nitrogen generator, cryo-cooler and vacuum dewar tank. Controlled by PLC, liquid nitrogen can be produced within several hours at a touch of  screen without complicated operation.


Maintenance free cryo-cooler 

Advanced mixed type pluse tube cryo-cooler,no leakage risk of helium or refrigerant  gas , expected continuous running time is over 120,000 hours

Large dewar tank

High capacity liquid dewar tank with precise level gauge,it  produce and storage liquid nitrogen as per setting level

High purity liquid nitrogen

 PSA nitrogen system generates nitrogen gas between 99.5% to 99.995%, N2 purity can be read on touch screen 

Clean liquid nitrogen

Additional particle filter and bacterial filter installed to ensure only clean and bacterial free nitrogen gas is liquefied 

WiFi and 4G internet

10 inch HMI touch screen with WiFi and 4G function. You can monitor and operate the generator remotely on mobile phones or laptops anytime, anywhere

Automatic dispensing  

liquid nitrogen can be dispensed out by touching screen thanks to cryogenic solenoid valve ,and automatically stops as per value you set

Designed for laboratories use

LNS series liquid nitrogen generator is your reliable onsite liquid nitrogen reply.

It has small footprint, low power consumption,low noise level and less maintenance requirement.

LNS10W suits for laboratories where small volume of liquid nitrogen is required, such as NMR, cold SEM, cryo storage etc.
 Totally automatic operation

LNS10W  requires a very small air-cooled chiller with minimum installation space,  just connect the power supply and press the start button to automatically produce liquid nitrogen when you need. 

The intelligent level sensing system means that it automatically stops and starts according to the level, so you always have enough liquid nitrogen.

After-sales guarantee
  • Normal production time of liquid nitrogen generator  is  2 months upon order and receiving down payment.  However,we keep several standard units as stock for urgent orders.
  • Once we finished production, we will send you pictures,video and testing report, and we can arrange online meeting for acceptance testing, demonstration and online training. 
  • The liquid nitrogen generator requires minimum installation,and we will pack installation material, such as cable,fittings and installation tools along with the equipment. What you need to do is to connect electricity and fill water for chiller. 
  • The liquid nitrogen generator carries WiFi function,if there is no WiFi available, you can also purchase 4G card . Our service engineer can remotely operate and commissioning.
  • The LN2 generator is modular type structure, and require minimum maintenance,if there is any part damaged, we will send you the modular and tools, and it's quite easy for you to replace on site.
  • We keep a lot of stock for components and spare parts, they can delivered within several days by Express.