1765cfm blower purge desiccant compressed air dryer with independent dew point control

Group adsorption air dryer
PriceUS $290000 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2016-09-18
Item specifics
Normal flow rate3000Nm3/h
Operating pressure4-11bar
Pressure dew point-40 deg c
Inlet/outlet connectionDN150
Regeneration typeblower + ambient air
Cooling typeambient air
Vessel standardGB/ CE PED/ASME
1765cfm  blower purge desiccant compressed air dryer with independent dew point control

Model:     BR-3000
Flow rate: 3000Nm3/h
Presssure dew point: -40 to - 70 deg c 
Type : blower heated   

BR 400-20000 adsorption dryers are designed for continuous separation of water vapour from compressed air thus reducing dew point. Operation of dryer requires two columns operated alternately. Adsorption takes place under pressure in first column while second column regenerates with a heated ambient air or purge.
A dryer consists of two columns, filled with desiccant beads, blower, heater, controller with LCD dicplay, valves, manometers, and support construction. Proven robust design enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.

BR  series adsorption dryers are filled with a high quality robust desiccant which results in stable operation with low energy input for regeneration. The primary desiccant is a silica gel with an extremely high drying potential.

To prevent potential degradation of the primary desiccant, due to liquid water, the bottom part of the column is filled with an additional layer of special water resistant silica gel.  The advantages are

Stable pressure dew point down to -70 deg c
Low regeneration temperature with energy saving up to 33%
Extended desiccant service life

Energy saving dew point dependent  control (DPD) 
BR dryers are designed for “full load” at pre-determined operating conditions (flow, pressure, temperature). 

However in reality “full load” is typically not present all the time meaning that the dryer is operating under partial load. In this case the adsorption cycle can be extended. If the BR dryer is equipped with dew point dependent sensor (available as optional equipment) it can detect when the load is reduced at witch  point the controller automatically adjusts the cycles so that energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Operating pressure           4 to 11 bar
Pressure dew point:          -40 °C
Operating temp.range:      1,5 to 50 °C
Flow rate                            390 to 20.200 Nm3/h
Protection class:                IP 54
Filter (inlet) super fine:      0,01 μm
Filter (outlet) dust filter;     1 μm

ModelConnectionNormal flow             Dimensions(mm)Weight
BR 400DN503901200100022501000
BR 600DN505901300110023501400
BR 780DN507801300110023501800
BR 1000DN509301450125026001900
BR 1200DN8011501450125027002200
BR 1600DN8016001550135027502600
BR 2000DN10019501600145028003400
BR 2500DN10025302050150029003800
BR 3000DN10029902050155029505000
BR 3600DN10036802150160030005800
BR 4100DN12541002350160032507000
BR 5000DN12549902500175032508200
BR 6500DN150655026002000350010200
BR 7700DN150770029002000360012000
BR 10000DN2001025032002200360014400
BR 12000DN2001170042002500370016000
BR 14000DN2001480045002600375016800
BR 16000DN2501600055003200375018500
BR 18000DN2501820060003500375020000
BR 20000DN2502020060003800375023000
(1) Refers to 1bar(a) and 20°C at 7 bar operating pressure, inlet temperature 35°C and pressure dew point at
 outlet -40°C.

Operating pressure [bar]234567891011
Operating pressure [psi]2944587287100115130145160
Operating temperature [°C] 253035404550
Operating temperature [°F]778695104113122