F1280P 1280CFM 3/5 micro General Purpose Compressed Air Filter

Group compressed air filter
Min. Order 1 bag
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2015-01-19
Item specifics
Flow Rate1280CFM( 36.3m3/min)
Max Pressure16bar
Connection3''NPT or BSP
Filtration gradeP
Particulate removal down to3 micro
Oil removal down ton/a
Optionalinner automatic drain
Optional AccessoriesDifferential pressure gauge
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F1280P,1280CFM 3 micro General Purpose Compressed Air Filter,deep-pleated filter media

The new solution in Compressed air filtration
Compressed air contains harmful solid, liquid and vaporous contaminants that can damage pneumatic equipment, control and instruments. Removal of these contaminants is necessary to sustain equipment life and continue efficient production operation. Rust, scale and decay within compressed air system piping, and ambient air that contains gaseous and corrosive substances are common factor that contribute to the damaging effect of compressed air.
Compressed air purification equipment must deliver high quality air with the lowest cost of operation.

Low pressure drop- Energy Efficient
EU made inner drain,differential pressure gauge
Inner threaded installation,easy to replace the element.
Pleated element, low pressure drop ,large filtration area.
Stainless steel and aluminum alloy hosing features high cooling effect.
Suitable for all compressed air application and all compressor type
Suitable for mineral and synthetic oil and oil free application
Silicon free ,safe for painting and surface coating applications
Electrophoresis treatment eliminating corrosion on internal and external head and bowl surfaces.

Scala elements are manufactured for lowest pressure drop and in accordance with International Standard for compressed air quality ISO8573.1:2001

Why choose SCALA Air Filter ?
SCALA filter is equipped with differential pressure gauge which can precisely indicate the differential pressure and remind user to replace the element timely.

EU made automatic drain with manual testing function. It has high reliability and durable lifetime. If the condensate water is  not discharged timely, the oil and water may be brought into the downstream pipeline to cause contamination.

SCALA's high efficiency filter element has the following advantages:
1. Deep Bed Pleating
Pleated filter elements provides a greater filtration volume than non-pleated.
The large surface area and the low velocity, increase the space for holding contaminants,which reduce the differential pressure cased by retention of solid particles. The service life increase with a result of lower running cost.

2. Adopted with stainless steel diamond mesh which has larger filtration area and less pressure resistance compared to circular hole mesh.

3. Adopted with heat and corrosion resistant polyester wadding instead of traditional form. Form tears under high operational temperature causing the broken pieces to be carried over down stream.

4. No Pull rod design, saving installation space and very easy to change the element.

Elbow piping from air inlet to element which has smaller pressure drop compared to right angle piping. Antioxidative and painting treatment on housing features high corrosion resistance.

Air leakage can cause energy loss,many micro leakages are not easily found, SCALA filters are 100% leakage tested.

Technical Data




Flow  Rate  
(7bar,20deg c)

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m3 /min
















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