How to maintain compressed air adsorption dryer?

How to maintain compressed air adsorption dryer?

How to maintain compressed air adsorption dryer

Compressed air adsorption dryer is an important equipment for users to provide clean compressed air. It has various types, which can be divided into heatless adsorption dryer, heated adsorption dryer,blower heated adsorption dryer,heat of  compression adsorption dryer and so on.

When the compressed air adsorption dryer is first used or stopped for a long time, it should pay attention to the following points:

1.  at the early stage of use, the adsorbent (mostly alumina) is still in natural wet condition, and it needs to gradually establish adsorption activity through repeated "regeneration purge";

2.  After using the compressed air adsorption dryer for a period of time, under the effect of alternating pressure, the bulk density (filling tightness) of the adsorbent may increase, and the adsorbent needs to be increased according to the situation;

3. The muffler is one of the vulnerable parts in the compressed air adsorption dryer. It should be protected regularly and can be used to remove all kinds of impurities attached to the surface by low-pressure gas blowback

4. for the heating dryer, the opening of the throttle valve should be adjusted according to the discharge temperature of the gas instead of the inlet temperature;

5.  Whether the filter equipment is complete affects the long-term operation and exhaust quality of the compressed air adsorption dryer;

6. Users should use according to the nameplate rules of compressed air adsorption dryer, and all parameters should be within the scope of additional permission;

7.  to adjust the throttle valve opening according to the dew point condition, so that the gas consumption to reach smaller.