What is zero loss regenerative adsorption dryer?

What is zero loss regenerative adsorption dryer?

What is zero loss regenerative adsorption dryer?

The general working principle of adsorption dryer is very simple: moist air flows through hypersonic materials (usually silica gel, molecular sieve, activated alumina), here to be dried. Water vapor is transferred from moist compressed air to hygroscopic materials or "adsorbents". This process saturates the adsorbent with water, so the adsorbent must be periodically regenerated to restore its drying capacity.

There are four different methods of desiccant regeneration, which determine the type of adsorption dryer.

1. Pressure swing adsorption regeneration dryer (also called no heat regeneration adsorption dryer) : this dryer  is suitable for small air flow. The regeneration process requires the help of expanded compressed air. The dryer consumes 15 to 20% of the rated air at a working pressure of 7bar.

2. Heating regenerative adsorption dryer: the dryer uses an electric heater to heat the expanded compressed air, so the required air consumption is limited to 8%. This dryer saves 25% energy compared to no heat regenerative dryer.

3. Blower regeneration adsorption dryer: the surrounding air blows through the electric heater and contacts with the wet adsorbent, so that the adsorbent regeneration. This type of dryer does not use compressed air to regenerate adsorbent, so energy consumption is more than 40% energy saving than no heat regenerative dryer.

4. Compression heat regeneration adsorption dryer: the adsorbent in the compression heat regeneration dryer is regenerated by using compression heat. The regenerative heat is not eliminated from the rear cooler, but is used to regenerate the adsorbent. This type of dryer can provide a pressure dew point of -20 ° C without any energy input. Lower pressure dew points can also be obtained by adding additional heaters.

Therefore, the blower regeneration adsorption dryer and compression heat regeneration adsorption dryer, also known as zero gas consumption adsorption dryer. Because compared with traditional adsorption dryers, these two types of dryers do not use compressed air to regenerate adsorbent, energy consumption is more energy saving than non-thermal micro-thermal regenerative dryers.